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Speciality Treatments

January 08, 2021 3:57 PM

Keeping Pools Clear & Blue!

Did source water stain your pool or did it turn green over the winter? We stock an essential range of speciality chemicals to help with the upkeep of our pools, and our team has the knowledge and experience to correct serious water chemistry issues.

Green to Clean...

We received a call to take over service when a pool turned green during the off season, no problem!  I use chlorine and algaecides to destroy the algae, and flocculant to drop it to the bottom.  Once debris has settled, I use an external pump to remove it from the pool.  Using this process, I keep from unnecessarily clogging the filter and have the pool clear in 24 hrs.  One more day of water balancing and thorough cleaning and you're ready to swim!  Pools in my service program are treated during winterization and checked during the winter to keep this from happening to begin with.  During the season, in addition to the usual oxidizers, I treat with maintenance doses of algaecides and phosphate removers to prevent algae growth.  As they say, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."

OBX Green Pool
Green Pool Treatment
Cleaning Green Pool
Pool After Treatment

Stains Away...

Pool staining is common and can be caused by a variety of issues.  Most common on the Outer Banks are stains from metals in source water (straight out of the spigot) and/or from live oak leaves resting on the bottom of the pool during the winter (if you do not have a cover).  Stains are difficult and can require more than a basic understanding of water balancing to treat effectively.  Step one is understanding what is causing the stain, this will determine the course of action. Treatments can be expensive and disrupt water balance, which is why sometimes it's best to call a professional when faced with discolored pool walls. Stains, like algae, are more easily prevented than treated.  Pools in my service program with staining issues are treated in the spring (after opening/before swimming) and receive maintenance doses of stain prevention during the season.  Filtering the source water before it goes into the pool can help too!

Stained Pool
Pool After Stain Treatment

Cloudy to Clear...

During hot summer months, cloudy pool water is a common problem. Cloudiness is almost always caused by "heavy bather load".  Simply put, this means that there are too many bodies in the water.  The equation: heavy bather load + sunscreen = clogged pool filter = no chlorine going into water = cloudy pool.  Fortunately this problem can be easily fixed, especially if you act quickly.  Cleaning the filter, chlorinating the water, along with enzymes and clarifiers will clear the water usually in a matter of hours.  I use high quality, organic treatments to speed up the process, which is important when it's 95F out and the kiddies are begging to get back in!  During the season my pools are treated with maintenance doses of these oil-fighting enzymes, increasing pool filter efficiency and controlling the "scum line".

These images show a pool cloudy from heavy use and oils

Cloudy Pool
Pool cloudy from heavy use.
Cloudy Pool Treatment
Treating cloudy and oily water.
Pool after treatment for cloudiness
How this pool should look - sparkling!