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Spa Covers & Supplies

January 30, 2021 12:40 PM

Keep your spa looking like new!

We have all the supplies to keep your spa operating and looking like new!  Including: filters, topside stickers, floating chlorine feeders, main drain covers, jet and intake replacements, filter canisters and floating weirs, and storm straps and eyebolts.

Spa Covers:

Nothing takes more abuse at a rental home than a spa cover! For that reason, it is necessary to replace them periodically. We can provide you with custom spa cover replacements in any shape and color. Our team keeps a close eye on typical wear and tear to track when replacements are needed. Any abuse or damage done to a spa cover is immediately reported to the owner and property management.

Custom Replacement Covers:

 • Two Pound Density Foam: Denser foam equals less dead air space which means less water absorption. 
 • 4 MIL Double Wrapped Heat Sealed Plastic Water Barrier: Two layers of tear resistant plastic maintains the integrity of the water-tight seal around the foam.
 • Solid Vinyl Liner: Reinforced, double-sided, solid vinyl bottom. Unlike many other covers that have a mesh bottom or single sided liner allowing for small particles to enter and puncture the plastic. 
 • Foam Tapers: 4” to 2” taper on foam, allowing water to drain faster and more efficiently and minimizing the possibility of sitting water on the cover. 
 • 2” Galvanized Steel Beam: This beam, the strongest in the industry, runs along the back of the taper on each side to strengthen and support the spa cover.
 • Cover Safety: Covers meet or exceed all safety standards set by ASTM F1346-91.

Spa Steps:

• Allow easy entry into your spa.  

• Created with both durability and versatility in mind. 

• Weatherproof and UV resistant. 

• Blow molded plastic is extremely durable and able to hold 300 pounds. 

• Versatile steps can be used with a straight-sided spa or a rounded spa.  

• Dimensions: 29”wide x 23”deep x 14”high 

Spa Step Color Options
Spa Step Color Options: Redwood, Light Gray & Dark Gray

Spa Cover Lift:

If you have ever tried to take the cover off your spa by yourself, you know how difficult it can be. Spa lifts make it easy for anyone to single-handedly take off and put back the cover. We sell and install high quality spa lifts, they are an easy and affordable way to get more life out of your spa cover.
• Ideal for both older spa users and those who struggle or have difficulty with lifting and maneuvering a spa cover. 
• Requires minimal cover handling. Lifts and stores most covers up to 96”. 
• Helps your cover to last longer. Helps you & your guests enjoy your spa more! 

3 Easy Steps:

Spa Cover Cap:

The extremely durable spa cover protection cap is custom designed for a perfect fit over your existing cover. It is a fantastic way to protect your new spa cover against the harsh elements during the off-season. 
Spa Cover Cap
•  Custom built for a perfect fit 
• Draw tight bungee for a tight fit 
•  Durable polyester sealed fabric 
•  UV & Mold resistant 
•  Built in the USA  & 1 year warranty 

​Spa Accessories:

Storm Straps, Filter Replacements, Topside Stickers, Floating Weirs,  Chlorine Feeder, Jets, Main Drain & Intake Covers, and more!