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Pool Safety Supplies

December 18, 2020 4:07 PM

Keeping guests safe in the pool area:

Nothing is more important than safety at a rental home. Proper signage is necessary to keep guests safe and protect homeowners from potential liabilities. It is our duty to make sure each home is equipped with proper signage and lifesaving device in plain view to guests. Other suggested supplies include a pool pole, leaf net and pole hangers. These items are replaced when necessary.

Signage: Pool Rules & No Diving
Signage: Pool Rules, No Diving & Spa Rules posted in highly visible area.
Rescue Hook & Pole
Life Saving Rescue Device: shepherd's hook and pole or USCG approved ring or buoy.
Handrails & Ladder Steps
Handrails should be secure and ladder steps and bumpers in good condition.
Installed Chlorine Feeder
Sanitation is key to swimmer's safety. A properly functioning chlorine feeder or salt generator is a must.
Pool Motor Bonding
Bonding and grounding work together to provide an important element of pool safety.
Pool Skimmer Cover
Pool skimmer covers are used to prevent debris and people from falling into the skimmer well.
Pool Gate Latches
Functioning gate latches are the primary defense to keeping unsupervised children and pets out of the pool area.
Pool Main Drain Cover
VGB approved pool drain covers protect swimmers from being caught in the drain's suction.
Warning Signs
Warning Signage: Do Not Sit/Climb, Slippery, Pool Closed, Depth Markers
Pool Skimmer Net
Nets, poles and hangers should be in good working condition.
Pool Skimmer Basket
Skimmer baskets prevent debris and pool toys from clogging and/or damaging plumbing and equipment.
Pool Cover Ancors
Replace winter cover anchors that no longer screw flush with the deck to avoid potential injury.