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Pool & Spa Use Tips

December 11, 2020 1:14 PM

For Safe & Enjoyable Use...

Riptide Pool and Spa Service offers the following tips to help keep your pool and hot tub safe, clean and clear!  In addition to these tips, please be sure to always observe the posted pool and spa rules. Pools and spas are serviced on arrival day and checked again mid week. Please call Riptide immediately if water becomes cloudy or stops circulating during your stay.

Please do:

Rinse off BEFORE entering the pool/spa.

Use the outdoor hose to maintain water levels in pool/spa.

Replace spa cover and turn off pool light when not in use (spa will not heat without cover & light attracts bugs).

Allow 20-30 minutes between applying sunscreen and entering the pool. (No lotions/oils in spa).

Please do not:

Do not use the spa if the water becomes cloudy or has a bad odor.   

Do not wear casual clothing in the spa (for example: regular shorts or T-shirts) - bathing suits only.

Do not use the spa as a kiddie pool (if used by kids during the day, it will not be clean for relaxation at night).

Do not use spray sunscreens
before entering pool/spa (if rinsed off in the water, it can clog the filter and stop circulation).


Spas offer an ideal environment for bacteria growth. The spa is not recommended for children under 12, pregnant women, the elderly, and persons with open wounds or compromised immune systems.  

If you notice the pool/spa water becomes cloudy, has a bad odor or stops circulating, please immediately contact Riptide at 252-267-1332.